Shenzhen Xiyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd aims at win- win cooperation and provides complete tracking solutions according to different clients’ requirements.
    1.OEM Cooperation. we offer our products and neutral platform to customers,or we only offer products and provide protocol for customer’s platform research.
    2.Research and customization. We could cooperate with customers based on their different requirement in terms of large production.
    3.Technical Solutions for different industries. 
Shenzhen Xiyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd ,Founded in 2006, our company is a Solution Provider of GPS Tracking Systems , offering complete and customized GPS Tracking Solutions, has reached the Top 3 in GPS tracking terminal among Chinese manufa... [View More]
Solution... [View More]
Name: Hayley
Tel : +86 13590133224
Skype: hayley.deng86
Add: Room 316, Building C, A new generation of IT Industry Park, 2nd Chuangye road, Zone 28 of Baoan, Baoan District Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.
skype: hayley.deng86
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